Three Keys To Recruit, Reboot And Retain Top Class Educators

“Teacher Shortage….Nearly half Quit Within Three-Five Years”

“Teachers resigning in Droves”

“390 Teachers Resign In Just Months, Education Ministry Reveals”

These bulletins do not even begin to paint a picture of the grim reality facing our schools today. The mass exodus of teachers from the classroom is not only worsening in my home country, Jamaica, but it is also fast becoming a global crisis!

Smiling schoolboy focused on doing his schoolwork well

Teachers are more likely to suffer high levels of stress than police officers, nurses and pilots?

33% of teachers leave within three years of entering the profession? – One of the most common reasons for teachers leaving the classroom is not Money?

The solution is to Rejuvenate Your Educators!

Educators Celebration Coaching

How Can Celebrating Your Educators Inspire Educational Achievements?

Have you ever wonder: why do some educators soar in our classrooms while some become demotivated and forfeit their divine calling? The credit or blame often falls on the leaders- the school’s administrator and middle managers. According to an emotional intelligence expert, Daniel Coleman, school leaders are the ‘musical directors’ within our schools. According to his findings, their leadership can either spawn ‘positive vibrations’ or create dissonance. This implies that in addition to being instructional leaders, today’s school leaders also wear the hat of an inspirational leader.

Celebrate Your Educators!

Exceptional, inspirational school leaders must be able to discern that today’s educators are no longer satisfied with just being recognized for their classroom roles, they want to feel VALUED as individuals on life’s stage. This means that they are humans with families, hobbies, things they like to do and special moments that mean the world to them such as birthdays, anniversaries, a new addition to the family or better yet moving into a new home space. Celebrating every day precious moments in their lives goes a far way in inspiring joyful service, renewed focus, promotes collegiality, improves staff retention and enrich relationships.