Business Academy


Young entrepreneurs, ARISE and SHINE!  When God created you, He wired   and gifted you with billion dollar ideas.  I am so happy that you have chosen   the path of Entrepreneurship – the gateway to personal fulfillment and monetary rewards.  Yes, as an entrepreneur, you are a problem solver and global game changer.  Buckle up!  Unveil your entrepreneurial greatness!

Do you have a viable business idea?  Are you ready to move from idea to business implementation?

Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs Arising Business Academy!  

I  help purpose-driven young entrepreneurs transform their business ideas into sustainable solutions so that they can monetize their skills and create multiple streams of income.


  1.  Mindset Reset
  2. Idea mapping
  3. Business tips and tools

Ready to Innovate and Earn?  Enroll in our Six Weeks Start-up Stars self-paced coaching.

Programme!  Our six weeks Starfish Coaching Programme includes six one on one sessions.

Price  $JMD 8000 per session


“Ms. Carpenter, you have changed my life forever! I did not have a clue as what I wanted to do upon leaving high school. However, after being in your class, my mind has opened up to so many business ideas. As a future entrepreneur, I am grateful for the many practical lessons that you have taught me. Continue to inspire young entrepreneurs!“                  

-Sherneil Edwards, Youth Entrepreneur    

‘Ms. Carpenter, you have taught me that entrepreneurship is a risk worth taking.  With your expert coaching, I was able to take the leap and start my business from ten grade. Thanks to you,  my teacher, I have learnt that ‘success and sacrifice are on both sides of the same coin’.  

Sajae Burton, Graphic Artist, CEO of White Reign Enterprise

‘Ms. Carpenter, thank you for empowering me to start my beauty care line.  Your training and encouragement have certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone’

Nicola Vasell, Young Entrepreneur