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Precious Beginnings is a multi-faceted, all-inclusive events planning, floral designs and celebration coaching estate, located in the tropical paradise of Jamaica.

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Did you know that over 90% of individuals experience extreme stress and frustration when they have to plan a special event? Precious Beginnings not only plans and coordinates special events, but we also provide décor craft for all events that signal a new beginning in the lives of our clients. From the wedding proposal to the wedding anniversary, we are there to hold your hands, help you save money and reduce stress so that you can spend time focusing on what is really important – family, friends and career. We also provide celebration coaching for educational institutions and train young entrepreneurs to unlock their creativity by launching their business empire.

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I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I receive baskets ordered from Precious Beginnings. I am always satisfied with the arrangement, the courteous service and the catering to my individual needs with a smile. Michelle is efficient, creative and thoughtful. Hats off to her!
Ms. Yasmin Levy
Ms. Yasmin Levy
In recognition of some of my most treasured moments, Precious Beginnings has been there for me. The handcrafted products that are well designed and put together sends your message without you having to say a word. I endorse Precious Beginnings!
Mr. Dwayne Parks
Mr. Dwayne Parks
Precious Beginnings products are indeed ‘precious’. They evoke strong desires to attain, claim and be associated with such reflection of beauty and creativity. The products are personalized and the time spent to perfect each product makes the clients feel valued. Every owner of a Precious Beginnings product is the envy of those who have not yet received the precious touch. Thank you Precious Beginnings!
Mrs. Diane Thomas-Morgan
Mrs. Diane Thomas-Morgan
Precious Beginnings, warming hearts with authenticity How can I not introduce Precious Beginnings to other potential customers so that they too can benefit from the production of the exceptionally rare, eye-popping and authentic gift items that suit so many celebratory occasions: Best graduation and educational inventions for all categories, professional events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, special pixie treats, house warming; you name it, Precious Beginnings has it!
Janice Brown-Roberts
Janice Brown-Roberts
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